Corrinne Armour has always been interested in leadership. Through almost 20 years of leadership roles in the corporate sector in Australia, she saw the impact of good (and bad) leadership on organisations, team morale and individuals. Living and working in a jungle refugee camp in Thailand, she experienced, first hand, the massive impact poor leadership has on whole communities.

As a speaker, author, trainer and advisor, Corrinne helps others develop leadership. She is passionate about helping leaders and teams get out of their own way. Waging a war on wasted potential, Corrinne’s mission is to empower leaders and teams through Fearless Leadership.

Fearless Leadership allows individuals to reach their career potential; it enables teams to get unstuck and fulfil their goals. Fearless Leadership ensures that organisations achieve their mission.

Think of Corrinne as a cryptologist who can help you crack the code for performance.

What differentiates Corrinne from other speakers and trainers is her ability to call it like it is. She models having the hard conversations, which need to be had, in ways that build rather than bruise relationships. She has lived in your world; she can tell it like it is—not as you might want to believe it is.

At a time when we are all—individually and collectively—asked to do more with less, we can’t afford to waste potential.

fearless-leadership_FA-2Leadership can be hard and lonely work; it can be challenging. Corrinne will work with you to fulfill the potential in your career, team and organisation.

Work with Corrinne and step up to Fearless Leadership.

I was intrigued when I first met Corrinne. I asked her ‘what is your business about?’ She simply replied ‘I help people get out of the way of themselves’. This is exactly how I recommend her to others now – she Iives up to her mantra. Her skills, her techniques, her tool box are unique and worth investing in. She is personable, provides clarity and asks questions that are pertinent and extract real answers.

I cannot recommend her more highly.

Clare McGinness

Executive Director Acute Health/Chief Nursing Officer, Northern Health

Corrinne has a lightness of spirit worth bottling. When I work with her she lifts me above the organisation and enables me to look at it differently, to feel separate from it in order to think more freely.

Michele Lewis

CEO, mecwacare

‘From the moment I met Corrinne I felt at ease. She is great at reading people and changing the direction of her teaching to keep the audience alert. Corrinne brings a great vibe to the room and has a way of forcing you to learn.’

Clint Larkins

Area Manager, Midway