Be afraid. And be brave anyway

My 8-year-old daughter and I love to read a good book together. Over Christmas we read “The Explorer“, about four children whose plane goes down over the Amazon, killing the pilot and leaving them stranded. This exchange between Con, an 11-year-old girl, and The Explorer they find living in the jungle, makes a useful frame...

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Is your leadership team solving puzzles or mysteries?

Yesterday I had the privilege of hearing Malcolm Gladwell** speak in Melbourne on ‘The Future: Disrupted and Reimagined’.

He began by talking about two foreign policy security challenges faced by the US. The first was the Cuban Missile Crisis in1962. To understand if the Soviets really had missiles, more data was needed, and an Air Force U-2 spy plane was dispatched to take photos....

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The one ingredient of success your leadership team may be lacking

If you aren’t actively including, you are probably accidentally excluding! That confronting statement from Dr Heidi Grant1 at the 2017 NeuroLeadership Summit2 has taken up space in my mind. The research – and probably your own experience – shows that diverse teams perform better, including stats like being 6 times more likely to be innovative,...

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