White Paper: Creating a Fearless Culture: Coaching skills to connect deeply, lead fearlessly and achieve serious results


Adding coaching skills to the toolkits of our leaders makes them brave enough to connect deeply, lead fearlessly, and achieve serious results—laying down the pathway to a Fearless Culture.

White Paper: Growing Leaders: Leadership development done differently


Effective leadership is critical for an organisation’s success. Growing leaders is too important to outsource; the best leaders develop leadership in others, on the job.

White Paper: Fearless Leadership: Why your team needs fearless leaders to exceed your objectives


The current climate in which leadership teams are operating presents new challenges that require different skills, behaviours and actions. It’s an environment where Fearless Leadership provides an essential competitive edge.

White Paper: Leading Change that Sticks


Up to 70% of organisational change initiatives fail according to research from The Ken Blanchard Companies. What if your own unconscious change profile was part of your organisation’s inability to sustain change? Learn what brain science tells us about why change is so hard, develop an understanding of key drivers in leading change, and identify the next steps to take.

White Paper: Confident New Leader


New leaders: How to be confident and productive right from the start. The 5 Rules of the New Game. PLUS 3 Common Mistakes with costly productivity impacts.

White Paper: Facilitating Effective Team Feedback: 5 key strategies to empower real team conversations


You deliver a ‘whole-staff’ update and ask for feedback. No response. Silence. What next? My wish for you is to facilitate dynamic conversations that provide you with valuable feedback and engage the potential in your team. This paper includes 5 key strategies to empower real team conversations.