What could you and your team achieve by being Fearless?


Anything less is wasted potential you can’t afford! The current climate in which leaders and teams are operate presents new challenges that require different skills, behaviours and actions. In this climate, being able to access the combined wisdom, insight and experience of the entire team is more critical than ever. It’s an environment where being Fearless provides an essential competitive edge.

Fearless Leadership – for leadership teams

Is your leadership team modelling the dynamic you want throughout the organisation? It’s challenging to play in a team, even more so when you are leading the organisation. Right now many executive teams face these challenges:

  • Limited resources: not many leaders complain that they are over resourced.
  • Misunderstanding and friction: diversity of style often creates misunderstanding, and where trust is low, difference is often seen to equal wrong.
  • Group of divisional heads: leadership teams often see themselves as divisional leaders rather than the co-leaders of the organisation, leading to tension around the executive table that is counter to organisational effectiveness.


These challenges, competing demands and apparent contradictions can result in leaders questioning whether they have what it takes to build a high performing leadership team.

The Fearless Leadership program will get your leadership team working together effectively, providing your organisation with a competitive edge.

Team Development Model


Fearless Teams – for operational teams

To achieve your team’s objectives, you need an engaged team that’s clear on purpose, aligned on direction, and focused on outcomes.

This program is for teams that need to come together effectively and achieve results.  What could your team achieve with the:

  • Inspiration that comes from a strong and shared purpose?
  • Trust created by working to agreed and shared values?
  • Connectedness that results when team members know and understand one another?
  • Power that comes from harnessing the diversity of the team?
  • Focus resulting from having a clear plan?


When you are ready for your team to step up and perform at the next level, you need a Fearless Team.

Fearless Leadership is the most effective program I have experienced to build teamwork and get people operating together successfully. John Loke


‘Our team was already winning awards for performance. We wanted them to have the skills and confidence, individually and collectively, to be extraordinary. People are now clear and aligned on the goals, challenging each other, and there’s a new energy and buzz. We now have a goal oriented, team driven, collaborative and fully engaged crew.’ Dennis Tarrant

Murrumbeena Community Financial Services Ltd

‘Corrinne was able to quickly gain the interest and respect of the team. She established an environment that created an instant trust among the team, bringing on board even those who initially thought the process was intimidating or irrelevant. We have posters and images from the workshop up on the pin-board in the tearoom, and everyday we are reminded of the commitment we made to one another in that workshop.’ Julie-Anne Mains

Baw Baw Council