This program will give you and your leaders practical skills to maximise team performance and build workplace culture.

Are you or your leaders:

  • Operating in ‘expert’ mode and solving all the problems personally, rather than empowering the team?
  • Lacking the ability or confidence to have crucial performance conversations?
  • Missing opportunities to develop the people on the job?
  • Struggling to engage teams?
  • Trying to ‘control’ people and situations and so working harder than necessary?


Why ask?

Questions engage people, build accountability and create insight. Questions underpin a coaching approach. Adding coaching competencies and questioning techniques to your leadership tool kit will equip you to engage, develop and lead people.

Leaders who Ask

  • Build engagement and boost productivity
  • Develop a Fearless Culture
  • Are okay not having all the answers themselves, and encourage wisdom from the team
  • Run effective meetings that leverage input from everyone present
  • Have outcome focused, targeted and empathetic performance conversations
  • Lead engaged teams that achieve their KPIs
  • Ask more and tell less

This program is for leaders who are ready to lead fearlessly and engage fully by adding coaching skills and questions to complement and extend their leadership style. It is ideal for leaders who are embarking on a cultural change program.


The program includes a full day workshop, 3 post program webcasts and extensive post program resources to support the implementation of new skills into your existing leadership style.