Up to 70% of organisational change initiatives fail, according to research conducted by The Ken Blanchard Companies (Training Journal, January 2010). That’s a big cost you want to avoid.

Are you facing any or all of these challenges?

  • There is so much change, both in your organisation and the external environment?
  • Your people are becoming change fatigued?
  • Your people are resisting change, threatening the planned business benefits?
  • Your leaders aren’t skilled to lead the change and bring their teams with them on the journey?
  • You are worried this change might be one of the 70% that fail, and want to ensure that doesn’t happen?

‘Leading Change that Sticks’ will get your leaders and teams change-ready so your change project is successfully implemented and the anticipated business benefits are secured.

This program will equip your leaders to turn resistors into conductors by helping individuals and teams transition up the Change Capability Ladder.


Change Capability Ladder


Perhaps surprisingly, it’s possible that your biggest advocates for change could be part of the reason why change might fail. This program helps people understand their own change profile and their unconscious relationship to change, and how to speak the three different languages of change.

‘Leading Change that Sticks’ offers knowledge and tools to thrive through change, and develop the skills and resilience to respond effectively to other changes in future.

‘Leading Change that Sticks’ will get your leaders and teams change-ready in situations where:

  • There seems to be so much change within the organisation and the external environment.
  • People are likely to resist change, threatening the planned business benefits.
  • The leaders aren’t skilled to lead change and bring their teams with them on the change journey.
  • It’s important to secure the anticipated business benefits of change with minimal impact on your people, clients and stakeholders.


Leading Change that Sticks



This program is not for leaders who think there is a quick fix for change; who find it easy to blame others for change resistance; or who aren’t willing to be part of the solution.

This program is for leaders who:

  • believe in creating a learning organisation
  • accept that most people come to work to do a good job
  • are willing to put in the work to understand themselves and their own unconscious change profile.

Are you ready to lead change that sticks?

This program has given me another way to look at my team and myself. I have strategies to understand where people are at on the Change Capability Ladder, and how I can move them from resistor to passenger or above.

Lee van der Werf

Margriet Manor

‘Through Corrinne’s engagement with us we have gained greater insight in identifying how we react to the process of change and the drivers that allow us to plan and implement change. Corrinne’s ideas and approach are refreshing and engaging. My entire leadership team has grown as a result of Corrinne’s work with us.

If your organisation is going through a process of change, you need to this program and you need Corrinne to lead it.’

Paul Warwick

Villa Maria

‘One of the main things I have gained from this program is self-awareness, including insights into how others might interpret me, which might not be how I intended. I have been reminded how we all operate from different manuals, and how I need to take this into account in effectively leading change.’

Robert VanDuuren


This program has been powerful. It has given people insight into how they can contribute to the success of the change through understanding how they internalise and hear change. Staff feel more empowered and resilient within a changing environment. The ease of implementation of this program impressed me. As leaders we now have a deeper understand how to communicate about change so that everyone can hear – our staff and our clients.

Lisa Rollinson

Brotherhood of St Laurence