It’s tough to be a leader right now! We are in uncharted times, with new and sometimes conflicting information issued by trusted (and non-trusted) sources every day. At the time when we most need to be centred in our person, resourceful in our approach, and powerful in our leadership, fear and overwhelm may cause the opposite to be true!

People are looking to their leaders for leadership… and their leaders (that’s you) don’t have all the answers.

The best way I can do that is by sharing ideas on how as leaders we can be contagious for the right reasons!  What we focus on determines what we get and how we show up as leaders.

This 45 minute video covers the 3 keys to maintaining Fearless Leadership® in a crisis:

  • Why as a leader you are contagious, even without catching COVID-19! And how to make that work for you and your people
  • How to press the pause button and access a better, less reactive, version of you
  • The importance of remembering your purpose to stabilize yourself and provide guidance for others
  • Why uncertainty triggers a threat response in the brain, and how you can provide certainty in a rapidly shifting world
  • What value of deliberate connection with people around you – and why it’s worth the effort
  • The honest truth – we are all human and we won’t get it right all the time.

Let’s come together to be the best leaders we can be, for ourselves, our families, our organisations and our communities.

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