A diverse life experience and 20 years in leadership roles ensure that Corrinne’s coaching is grounded in the competing realities of the workplace. Corrinne is obsessed with empowering leaders and teams to get out of their own way and fulfill their potential.

‘I guarantee I will always be in your corner. And I guarantee it won’t always feel like that.’

Working with Corrinne isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s like looking in a mirror and not liking always liking the reflection. Part of the initial conversation will allow Corrinne to assess whether you have what it takes to apply yourself to her coaching and mentoring style.

I didn’t expect leadership coaching to be so powerful. I arrived thinking I would gain some tools and training. I didn’t anticipate the personal growth and that answers would be where I found them. Corrinne’s ability to assist me on this journey has been an amazing gift.

Kate Millar

General Manager, Planning, Parks Victoria

Corrinne exudes engagement with an extraordinary flair for active listening. Quite an extraordinary leader.

Richard Hodge

Partner, Brooke Institute