Most leaders in local government don’t have training or experience in leading a virtual workforce, and yet this is the situation we find ourselves in.

The challenges are real… Service delivery must continue in some form… The technology is being pushed to the limits… It’s hard to keep everyone working effectively as a team… There are team members who don’t seem to be coping … New policies are in place to help, but are they working? How will we come out of this at the end?

If culture is the sum of every little thing we do every day, how is our remote leadership helping or hinder our teams? What can we do to ensure we come out of the with a stronger and more enabling culture than we began with?
This complimentary 45-minute interactive online learning experience has been developed for local government leaders, and will help you understand:

  • The value of asking more questions in building engagement and developing culture
  • Why inclusion matters in building culture
  • The opportunity we have right now to connect with the whole person
  • The importance (and challenge) of trust in leadership
  • The need for Fearless Leadership®


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