Courage – the vital ingredient. How to build and maintain a courageous leadership team. 

Courage is a critical element of Fearless Leadership®, and yet courage is often misunderstood. Under pressure, stupidity can be confused with bravery, weakness with vulnerability, and blame with accountability!

One of the deepest forms of courage is required in the way you work with your peers on the leadership team. So how are you doing?

Right now, perhaps more than ever in our working lives, leaders need courage, and leadership teams need to be courageous together. Fearless Leadership Teams role model courage.

Join us for this interactive 45-minute session to:

  • Make useful distinctions between what courage is and isn’t
  • Understand the three factors that cripple courage in a leadership team
  • Assess on the current level of courage in the leadership team you are part of
  • Develop your courage, and the bravery to operate in a courageous leadership team
  • Invest 45 minutes to reflect on your leadership


Find a quiet space. Grab your sandwich, sushi or last night’s leftovers. Let’s talk Fearless Leadership over lunch as we get real and uncomfortable.