We didn’t invite COVID-19 – and in many cases we hadn’t planned for a pandemic – but it’s here. Whether we like it or not, sudden and significant change has come!

There is pressure to ‘pivot’ our services – to be innovative and leverage the current situation… And yet it’s challenging just to bring our people and community with us in responding to the changes we are living with currently!

Our greatest challenge – and definitely the one with the biggest future impact – is to consciously create a new normal that harnesses the opportunities resulting from the COVID-19 disruption.

This 45-minute interactive online learning experience will help you understand:

  • The four stages of normal, and the key leadership focus of each
  • Why uncertainty triggers a threat response in the brain, and how you can provide a certainty that calms people and helps them through change
  • How to bolster the protective factors to help your people remain creative and resourceful, both critical states for innovation
  • The three questions to ask yourself and your team to identify opportunities and capitalise on change.
  • Why Fearless Leadership® is critical when leading though and rebuilding after a crisis

Bring your lunch and join me for this complementary webcast. Let’s come together to be the best leaders we can be, for ourselves, our families, our Councils and our communities.

Register here at no cost.