Finish Friday on a high

‘Steven’ (real client – not his real name) is very good at his work. His company appreciates his contribution and his clients are frequently delighted at the results he delivers for them. He has spent 15 years developing his extensive professional capability.

But (and it’s a big but) Steven is unfulfilled. At the end of the week he is tired and lacking in inspiration, and this negative energy spills over into his personal life. When he contacted me, Steven felt stuck.

Dugald Christie-Johnson is a brilliant corporate coach and facilitator. He’s also a great surfer. Surely the two don’t mix? Wrong. As ‘The Barefoot Coach’ Dugald has found a way to bring his two passions together – via his unique Board Meeting! He coaches clients on the drive to and from the surf, leveraging the concept of balance and flow leading to peak performance. (See

Who do you think is more energised on Friday night after a week in the ‘office’?

This is the Extraordinary Future Leadership Development Model. The two biggest differences between operating at  ‘Success’ 140201 EF Team Dev Model_Flat(the aspirational goal of most leaders) and ‘Extraordinary’ are 1) clarity of personal purpose and 2) engaging in activity that energises you.

Being clear on your personal purpose as a leader allows you to make clear and confident decisions about how you allocate your energy and time. Juggling too many balls can indicate a lack of clarity on personal purpose.

Engaging in activity that energises you means your work feels like play. I am sure you know someone like that (or maybe it’s you)? When you use your strengths each day, do stuff you enjoy, and connect to what you are passionate about,  your work will give you energy rather than cost you energy. That’s when you finish Friday on a high.

Dugald is clear on his personal purpose. He is definitely engaging in activity that energises him.  Steven and I are now on the journey to bring him to this point too.

How’s your energy on Friday nights? What could you do today to develop clarity on your personal mission? What could you gain by using more of your special skills in your professional life?