It’s a tough time to lead! Information changing daily, new work practices introduced almost overnight, people unnerved and afraid, stock market sinking to new lows… Leaders are wondering if they have what it takes to lead though this.  Many have told us they feel like they are in ‘free fall’.

Kate Christiansen focusses on rethinking complex problems. Corrinne Armour focusses on leadership from the senior team. Together we want to help you feel in control when it seems like you are in freefall.

Join us for this interactive session as we unpack the three key questions to ask about the team and the problem.

We can’t promise you’ll be ‘in control’ at the end of this session! We can promise you 45 minutes away from the chaos, so that you gain clarity and confidence, learn six useful questions, and leave feeling more energised and ready to step back into leadership.


About Kate: Kate specialises in helping executives re-think complex problems and deal with them differently. She is an award-winning author, speaker and facilitator who has spent 25 years tackling complex problems across the world. Kate helps leaders to unpack and simplify the problems that stand between them and success.

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