Give me control! How to help your brain when the need to regulate the situation becomes overwhelming

During a crisis there are high levels of uncertainty and rapid change. It’s natural to feel a loss of control. Our response is often to do whatever we can to grab back power, so much so that we are willing to hold onto an illusion of control! Or control in ways that are counterproductive…

This is normal, because lack of autonomy triggers a threat response in the brain.

While restoring order might be part of what we are paid for as leaders, over controlling is exhausting for you and unhelpful and demotivating to those around you.

Corrinne will share what’s happening and how we can help the brain when the need to control the situation becomes overwhelming. You will leave with strategies to calm the brain so the best leader in you can bring out the best in others.

In this 45-minute complimentary online learning experience, you will:

  • Understand why the brain perceives a lack of autonomy is a threat
  • Realise that you are normal – and that’s not always helpful!
  • Learn three practical strategies to bring peace to the brain, minimise overwhelm, and have energy left over at the end of the day
  • Take 45 minutes out to replenish your energy
  • Calm the brain’s need to control, so you maintain productivity and engagement despite uncertainty

Grab your sandwich, sushi or cup-a-soup and let’s talk Fearless Leadership over lunch to help your brain when the need to control the situation becomes overwhelming.

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