Leadership AND Joy: Interviewing Amanda Gore

This ‘Leadership AND …’ series will introduce you to amazing people, their specialist expertise and their take on leadership. Some may challenge you. All will inspire you.

Welcome to ‘Leadership AND…’

Recently I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Amanda Gore.  An internationally renowned communications and performance expert, Amanda helps business leaders achieve results through getting people engaged in, enthusiastic about and aligned with corporate goals and vision.

Amanda’s big thing is joy.  I use ‘happiness’ and positive psychology in my own work.  ‘Joy’ was a new concept for me!

Amanda explains happiness as ‘usually externally dependent – I’ll be happy when xxx happens’, while joy is ‘much amandadeeper and internally focused, something we are born with.  You can find joy in the midst of misery or crisis.’

But what does joy have to do with leadership? A joy filled workplace is more productive.  It’s one where ‘fear has been eradicated, at least minimised!  It’s a place where people feel fulfilled.  They know that they and their work matters.  They have permission to have fun and be creative and innovative. That’s why joy matters.’

Amanda asserts fear is the biggest threat to joy.  ‘We are living lives of habits ruled unconsciously by fear.  The fears are mostly humiliation (FOWOT – Fear Of What Others Think!), separation, uncertainty, poverty, and fear of missing out!’  Leaders can help reduce fear through joy.

According to Amanda business leaders ignore feelings at their peril!  ‘Feelings really matter – much more for the bottom line than anyone realises!  People are 80% emotional and 20% rational – if you want behavior change, touch their hearts.  Help people believe in themselves, because belief in your own ability is a better predictor of success than actual skill level!’

What could you do today to eliminate FOWOT and bring joy into your leadership and your organisation?