“When things get back to normal, we will …”

Sorry to disappoint you – things won’t be going back to normal. They can’t. We have changed, our organisations have changed, the world has changed.

There will be a ‘normal’… But we won’t be going ‘back’ to it.

It will be a New Normal. And we get to choose if it’s a DEFAULT NEW NORMAL that indiscriminately picks up behaviours, beliefs and practices from the past and present and merges them to build a default approach to work and community.

OR if we CREATE our own NEW NORMAL, harnessing the opportunities resulting from the COVID-19 disruption, and bringing the best of the past and present to create the future.

Join me for this important conversation that will traverse:

  • The four stages of normal
  • The key leadership focus of each stage
  • The three questions to ask to identify opportunities
  • Leapfrogging obstacles and harnessing Fearless Leadership® to create your new normal

This is a working lunch, so bring your sandwich or sushi, and a notepad or tablet to scribble on. Now is the time for Fearless Leadership.

This webcast was not recorded for sharing. If you would like to hear Corrinne in action, listen to another of her webcasts as almost all are recorded.