Life is not a business trip

‘Kevin’ completed a leadership coaching program with me recently. The coaching program had exceeded his expectations, and he was inspired by the progress he had made and the future he was creating.

In the last coaching session he asked me ‘what should I do to maintain my momentum?’ As I so often do in coaching I turned the question around, and asked Kevin ‘Imagine you were the coach and I had just described the goals that you have now. What would your advice to me be if I asked you how I should maintain my momentum?’

Here is his reply:

1. Trust yourself and the world around it. You know what to do. The world wants you to succeed. Just do it!

2. Be brave and ambitious and do the best you can do. (Step-by-step.) When you think small you limit yourself. When you are ambitious you allow others to dream big thoughts too. Even the biggest goals can be achieved when they are tackled step-by-step.

3. Let people be what they want to be. Your role is to help them and support them when they need it, and not to define them or their possibilities. This includes your clients, colleagues and especially your family.

4. Align everything you do with your values and principles. To everything else, you can say a big ‘no’!

5. Life is not a business trip from one destination to another. Your goals are important. And enjoying the journey along the way is just as important.

You won’t be surprised to know that I enjoyed working with Kevin. His advice to himself is particularly important at this time of the year, when life seems to be speeding up to ‘get it done by Christmas’. You might just find it works well for you too, because life’s not a business trip!

Have an Extraordinary day