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3 Golden Guidelines for Asking for Feedback Fearlessly

A fearless conversation is an essential conversation that builds trust and moves us forward. It might be about a project, flexible working, future career plans, resetting a relationship, offering feedback upwards, asking for what you need… The list is endless. One...

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The ONE important question to ask yourself

Over the years, I have learned that as a trainer, one of my greatest skills is ‘state management’ – the ability to choose my emotional state based on what is needed by the group. This may not be the state I would be in ‘naturally’ in that moment. Can I give you a...

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One confronting truth as we return to the workplace

Most of the leaders I have spoken to so far in 2021 are dealing with the challenges of a return to the workplace, typically in some sort of hybrid way at least for the foreseeable future. All face one confronting truth as they lead a reintegration – the tone they set...

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