Webcast 2 – The Coaching Leader – Myths Exploded


5 warning signs in a senior leadership team

Is the behavior of one team member creating a dysfunctional team? The damaging impact of one executive can go unnoticed and/or unacknowledged, slowly eroding a positive team dynamic and negatively influencing organisational culture. Robert was highly technically...

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How to build and maintain trust with small habits

Ask a group of people about what they have valued about work since Coronavirus hit, and you will hear ‘greater autonomy’ and ‘feeling more empowered’ high amongst the responses. In 2020 COVID-19 has created disruption and forced leaders and managers to give people...

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Trying to avoid conflict? Why that’s the wrong strategy

Harmony in a leadership team can be seductively alluring, an ideal to aim for… It can also be a recipe for poor quality decisions and less creative thought, maintaining a course for the status quo. Thinking about the leadership team you are part of, how well do you...

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