Executive Coaching


Leadership can be challenging, fulfilling, exciting, rewarding and inspiring. It can also be confusing, frustrating, overwhelming and lonely. Sometimes all in the one day!

Corrinne offers a limited number of coaching packages per quarter for senior leaders who are ready to embrace Fearless Leadership.

‘I guarantee I will always be in your corner. And I guarantee it won’t always feel like that.’

Working with Corrinne isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s like looking in a mirror and not liking always liking the reflection. Part of the initial conversation will allow Corrinne to assess whether you have what it takes to apply yourself to maximise the impact of working with her.

Corrinne has provided me with plenty of valuable insights, constructive feedback and personal growth challenges. I greatly value her wise counsel, support and capacity to map out practical, business-relevant solutions. Through working with Corrinne, I have gained a broader and better informed executive management perspective.

Managing Director, Environmental Services Provider

Corrinne is a powerful coach. Just my first coaching session with her had more impact than six sessions with the last coach I worked with.

Executive Director of Nursing, Metropolitan Hospital

Last night my wife said ‘Tell Corrinne that our personal relationship has blossomed since you started coaching’.

CFO, Construction Company

Mentoring: Helping clever people become commercially smart


Corrinne is also on the Faculty of Thought Leaders Business School, where she mentors other smart people become commercially savvy.

If you are a coach, trainer, speaker or consultant who:

  • has ideas that will benefit the world?
  • needs support, tools and frameworks to position yourself and commercialise your IP?
  • is committed to creating life where you do the work you love with people you enjoy, and in the way you like it?


And are ready to work with a straight talking mentor who can help you play a bigger game, talk to Corrinne.

I won’t say it’s been a pleasure – Corrinne isn’t interested in keeping me comfortable. She asks pointed and often poignant questions, and keeps me accountable to my targets. She has been a constant in the growth of my business. Better still, she’s a business owner herself who has walked the talk. Adam Voigt

Corrinne is truly a force of nature. A force for change. A force for good. It’s inspiring and heartwarming to know that people like Corrinne exist in the world, empowered to empower others. Col Fink

Engagement Ninja, Thought Leaders Business School