Seven sins of time management – How guilty are you?

Feel like life’s speeding up? Greater expectations? Multiple communication channels demanding immediate responses?

‘Time Management’ is on my mind – I have designed and delivered a series of half-day workshops for a client.

A good starting point for developing your Time Management muscle is to consider what I have called the‘7 sins of time management’:

1.   Allowing ‘busy’ to become your identity. If someone asks ‘How are you?’ and your standard response is ‘busy’, you might be guilty of this one! You are more than the sum of what you do.

2.   Thinking you just need to work harder. For most of us, there will always be more than we can in a day. It’s almost guaranteed that you will never get everything done. Working harder or longer is a recipe for burn out.

3.   Saying ‘yes’ to everything. An inability to say ‘no’ will take you off purpose and create a To-Do list that wakes you up at 2 am! (Learn how to say no with my 6-week eCoaching program)

4.   Not using the tools available. Get stuff out of your head and free valuable capacity for important thought-work. There are great apps for your smartphone. Even the humble Microsoft Office To-Do bar is brilliant…

5.   Not setting goals. Any train is a good train if you don’t know what station you are heading for. Get clear on what you want to achieve and choosing the best action will be easier.

6.   Not prioritising. All tasks on your To-Do list (you do have one of those, don’t’ you?) are not created equal. Some are urgent and demand immediate attention. Some are important and lead to the achievement of your goals. Some are just distractions.

7.   Procrastinating and not taking action. From my own experience and that of my clients, I know that avoiding something you don’t want to tackle (and knowing it’s lurking behind you) often takes significantly more energy then just getting started.

Which sins have you been guilty of in the past week? What are your best tips to overcome them? I’d love your comments below.

A thought to finish with…Time Management is actually an impossible concept! Even when you deftly avoid all seven sins, you can’t ‘manage’ time! Everyone gets 60 minutes, 24 hours, 7 days a week…

What you really need to do is channel your energy effectively.

Have an Extraordinary Day