Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders

What could be achieved when your leaders are connected to their potential?

  • Are your leaders avoiding the critical performance conversations they need to have?
  • Do you want to improve your employee engagement scores with a targeted approach to developing performance?
  • Does your organisation have lots of information about the culture but no pathway for change or transformation?

This program helps leaders develop leaders. When leaders effectively develop their direct reports, the brakes are released on leadership performance, potential is achieved, and leaders can make the difference they were meant to make.

Essentially it’s about growing people to grow the organisation, and reducing the costs associated with unintended performance blockages. Bottom line – this is about the survival and growth of your organisation.

 This program is for leaders who

  • Lead other leaders
  • Need to increase the leadership performance and productivity of others

Program participants will:

  • Be able to recognise and respond to the 12 globally recognised common leadership derailers
  • Have increased awareness of the drivers behind their own behaviours and the behaviours of those they lead
  • Understand the essential mindset needed to successfully develop their leaders
  • Learn a proven framework for coaching behaviour change that sticks
  • Have increased confidence to have the performance conversations that matter
  • Build the skills they need to have meaningful performance development conversations that support their leaders translate development insights into action.
  • Know how to model a new approach to performance development that will deliver profitability and growth for your organisation.

Are you ready to take the guess work out of leading leaders?

Developed by Corrinne Armour, Anneli Blundell and Belinda Cohen, this program is based on the book ‘Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders’.