Complimentary Online Learning Experience-

Trust and Fearless Leadership®:

Why it matters and how to build it in a virtual world

We all want to be trusted and most of us want to trust others. So why is trust so hard? It’s a lot to do with what’s happening in the brain. 

As I ask people about the benefits of our ‘current normal’, many people comment on greater levels of trust and empowerment as we work from home. Did we need a global pandemic to teach us to trust the people we employed, to do the job they were employed to do?

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Join me for a conversation about Trust and Fearless Leadership:

  • Why trust matters and the risk if we don’t trust
  • The neuroscience of trust – what’s happening in our brain
  • Simple ways to undermine trust (or how to avoid destroying trust!),
  • Strategies to build trust, especially in a virtual environment
  • The payoffs from trusting more.


This is a conversation that matters if you lead a team, an organisation or a community.

It’s a lunch time happening, so grab your leftovers from last night’s dinner and let’s talk Fearless Leadership.