Turn bad days into good data & fulfill your New Year’s resolutions

It’s two weeks into 2012. How are you going on your New Year’s Resolutions?

In embracing anything new you’ll have good days. And you’ll have days when you are tempted to give up. (Be honest – I am sure you can recall a personal experience of this?)

‘Change Anything’ (Kerry Patterson et al, 2011) is a book about successfully making personal change through understanding 6 ‘sources of influence’ and 4 ‘scientific strategies’.  One concept I really like from this book is to ‘turn bad days into good data’.
You tried something new… It didn’t go well… What can you learn that will help you next time? It’s a small conceptual shift that turns everything you try into learning. Every ‘bad day’ is part of a great data-gathering adventure.

I believe that persistence is also critical in embracing a new behaviour. (Ever watched a toddler learning to walk? He falls over more often than he stands up. How successful would he be without persistence?)

Bringing together persistence and the willingness to embrace learning, I created this simple model.  Success comes when we embrace the learning (turn bad days into good data) AND we are persistent.

What could you do to turn bad days into good data? What are you willing to do to move yourself into the success quadrant in 2012?

Have an Extraordinary 2012