Under the spotlight: Just how fearless is your leadership team?  

The challenges facing leadership teams are complex and rapidly changing. The role of the executive team is to lead the organisation, and to do this the CEO needs an aligned team, able to leverage the thinking diversity and collective wisdom around the table.

Fearless Leadership® Teams create the conditions for organisational success, role modelling the dynamic needed throughout the organisation.

How fearless is your leadership team? This conversation will help you figure that out.

Corrinne will lead you through a diagnostic quiz guaranteed to provoke insight into the level of fearlessness in your leadership team right now. This 45-minute complimentary webcast will be highly interactive, with time for discussion.

If you are part of a senior leadership team, this conversation is for you.

Click here to watch the video.

Over lunch, we will:

  • Explore seven factors of Fearless Leadership
  • Assess the current level of Fearless Leadership in your leadership team and celebrate the strengths
  • Identify the gap that will make the biggest positive impact when you close it
  • Develop action to increase your fearlessness
  • Have a laugh and know you aren’t alone with these challenges!


This is one conversation you can’t afford to miss! Let’s talk Fearless Leadership over lunch as we get real and uncomfortable.