This is a tough time to be a leader! There are high levels of uncertainty, rapid change, and the future is unpredictable. Now more than ever, we need Fearless Leadership®.

COVID-19 has changed the way we think about gathering to share and plan, learn, and inspire and be inspired. In the past – when none of us had heard of Coronavirus – most most people believed events and training programs had to be ‘face to face’, ‘live’, and ‘in real time’.

While for some people and purposes face to face may still be preferable, it’s not possible right now. Well-planned, structured virtual events facilitated dynamically also get great outcomes, engaging people with the content, the virtual trainer and with each other.

If you are looking for ways to connect, support, empower, challenge and develop your leaders, let’s talk.

Remote Speaking

Corrinne is a provocative, entertaining and inspiring keynote speaker. All her keynotes – with adjustments to maximize the impact of Online Presenting – can be delivered on the virtual stage. 

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Online Learning Programs

Do your leaders need to connect deeply, maintain engagement and ensure the right work gets done whilst managing a remote workforce?

Are they leading and responding to significant levels of change?

Perhaps they are being derailed by challenging behaviours that have been exaggerated by uncertain times and the difficulties of remote working?

Are you questioning what ‘bounce back’ might mean for your organisation, and how to ensure it is a ‘bounce’ and not a ‘lurch’?

How aligned and Fearless is your senior leadership team? How well are they positioning the organisation for sustainability and success?

Corrinne’s programs are tailored for the environment we are in right now, and can be delivered through a mix of webcasts, video series, virtual gatherings and dynamic interactive online training.


Fearless Bites – Program of Webcasts for your Organisations

You need your people engaged and focussing on getting the right work done, not loosing energy through unresourceful responses to a global pandemic they can’t change. Fearless Bites will shift the energy of your people, boosting self-awareness, offering new ways to consider their current challenges, and leaving them feeling connected and invested in.

Online Coaching

Corrinne has been successfully delivering virtual coaching for many years to interstate and overseas leaders (predominately SE Asia and Europe).

Need a quick fix of Fearless Leadership® right now?

The webcast series ‘Fearless Leadership in an uncertain world’ was Corrinne’s way of helping leaders through the early weeks of the COVID-19 crisis. In these webcasts she shares ideas and practical strategies on building and maintaining fearlessness. Click here to watch on demand.

Get in touch

Thank you to everyone rising to the challenge of leadership. We are here to help.

If you would like to discuss how we can meet your leadership and team development needs, please get in touch with Jacinta,

When COVID19 hit we mobilised to convert our annual community leadership program from face to face to virtual delivery. Corrinne enthusiastically stepped in to help us conceptualize how we could deliver a program of speakers, field trips and retreats via virtual and new technologies. She guided us through our first virtual program day, familiarising everyone with use of the technology, and providing a structure that allowed for small and large group participation. Corrinne demonstrated that virtual training that includes well-designed facilitation can be fun, engaging, and impactful.

Amanda Hennessy

Executive Officer, Leadership Great South Coast

Corrinne has developed a relevant and enjoyable virtual series that delivers tangible strategies for leaders. Corrinne is highly engaging and relatable, and the information and tools she shares can be implemented with relative ease. I recommend Corrinne’s virtual series to organisational leaders, and look forward to joining future events with Corrinne.

Agata Jarbin

CEO, Accident Compensation Conciliation Service

Thanks so much, Corrinne – a great session. It worked well on this platform. Really interesting and opens up a wider understanding of how to communicate and work with various change profiles.

Amanda Tonkin

National Retail Sales Manager, Dermalogica

This was a great session and really relevant for me and my team, who are currently navigating through a lot of change within our business.

Tamara Di Veroli

Recruitment Team Leader, Ventia Pty Ltd