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Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders

Human behaviour is complex. Developing leadership in others takes more than knowing the theory and authorising the training budget. Bringing out the best in your people can be challenging and time consuming.

Written for leaders who lead leaders, this book addresses the 12 most common, globally recognised leadership derailers.

Packed with examples, insights and recommendations, and supported by a practical framework, this book shows you how to:

  • understand what’s really driving the dysfunctional behaviours you observe
  • become a catalyst for behaviour change that sticks
  • take the guesswork out of developing your direct reports.

It’s time to empower your leaders to get out of their own way; realise their potential; and deliver on individual, team and organisational goals.

With her co-authors—fellow leadership experts Anneli Blundell and Belinda Cohen—Corrinne is on a mission to take the guesswork out of developing direct reports and this book shows you how.

‘Developing Direct Reports’ is also the topic of one of Corrinne’s keynotes, and the basis of a training program that helps leaders develop leaders.

Perhaps the most essential skill of a gifted leader is the ability to cultivate leadership competencies in others.  No book is more helpful in this area than Developing Direct Reports – outstanding!

Marshall Goldsmith

Author or editor of 35 books including the NYT#1 bestselling Triggers and global bestsellers MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

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Cracking the Code for Workshop Performance: Facilitating the Change that Matters

This is a specialist reference guide for a specific audience – iWAM consultants.

Corrinne, and her co-authors Anneli Blundell and Belinda Cohen, are recognised globally for the client experiences they create based on motivational profiling using the iWAM (Inventory of Work Attitudes and Motivations).

Written in response to interest and requests from international colleagues, Cracking the Code for Workshop Performance sets out methodology for quickly building effective workshops that delight clients. It provides a trusted framework with step-by-step instructions for over 60 training activities. To support consultants in delivering the activities, there are print-ready participant handouts (eg puzzles, images, case studies, scripts, instruction sheets). Each activity also includes a comprehensive set of debrief questions guaranteed to provoke discussion, stimulate layered learning, and maximise engagement.

This guide has also been purchased and used successfully by consultants who use other profiling instruments.

For more information, to purchase the guide, and access further support for iWAM practitioners, visit

Dynamic, engaging, useful, powerful, easy to use, ready to go, flexible, a facilitator’s dream!

Jaymelee White

Alive & Kicking Solutions, Perth Australia

Insight to action: Coaching the Change that Matters

Drawing on their recognised specialist expertise in motivational profiling, Corrinne, and her co-authors Anneli Blundell and Belinda Cohen have developed this resource for accredited iWAM (Inventory of Work Attitudes and Motivations) consultants. This guide helps support the continued development of a coaching client after the iWAM coaching debrief is complete.

This guide is a trusted reference in locations as diverse as the US, Russia, Italy, the UK, Japan, the UAE, Mauritius and of course Australia. It includes 52 stand-alone self-coaching pages that provide the consultant’s client with a targeted reference to embed the learning and insights.

For more information, to purchase the coaches guide, and access further support for iWAM practitioners, visit

Anneli, Belinda and Corrinne have done it again! Now they have developed the ABC guide for coaching with the iWAM.

Patrick Merlevede

JobEQ (creator of the iWAM instrument)