Channeling energy into business objectives (and not figuring out how to work with one another)

How well do your people understand one another?

  • After more than two years of COVID, and moving into hybrid working:
  • Have people forgotten how to work together after being physically apart?
  • Is there misconnection or tension between team members?
  • Do style differences create tension and misunderstanding?
  • Are they tired and ready for boost, knowing there is still more uncertainty to come?
  • Do they feel connected and ready to maximise the opportunity of working as a team?

Fearless Leadership® is accessing untapped potential. It’s the courageous shift to engage in essential conversations that build trust and move us forward. The Motivational Map is a building block for Fearless Leadership.

When we work with someone for years, we build an understanding of what motivates them and how to work with them. Imagine if that insight could be gained over a short period of time, and you could work together effectively from now. The Motivational Map fast tracks team hindsight.


Where do you think your team is at now?

Having the Team Motivational Map:

  • Builds self and team awareness – Self-Awareness is a fundamental building block of emotional intelligence and a critical ingredient for a highly functioning team.
  • Leverages diversity – Enables the team to move from ‘different = wrong’ to ‘different = assets we can leverage’ through a deeper understanding.
  • Creates connected and powerful teams – Opens up conversations that may not have been possible before.

The Motivational Map can be delivered in person or online to suit your needs.

Navigate to a productive and connected team with the Team Motivational Map.