Leaders Guide: ‘Leveraging Disruption to Create Your New Normal’

COVID-19 has been described as a ‘once in a lifetime pandemic’ and the destruction it is causing is impacting everyone. What if it was also a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ to create the kind of world that you want to live and lead in? This guide will help you facilitate energising conversations with your team and leverage the disruption.

White Paper: ‘Guerrilla Leadership: 3 valuable lessons teams can learn from leading on the front line’

Corrinne shares leadership insights she learned from a guerrilla fighter she met when she taught English in a jungle refugee camp on the edge of a war zone. Lessons that will help you… And a twist in the story, what became of the guerrilla?

Fearless Leadership

White Paper: Fearless Leadership: Creating conditions for organisational success through the executive leadership team, aligned and fearless


In a challenging and fast changing environment, more is expected of senior leadership teams than ever before. Fearless Leadership provides the essential competitive edge.

White Paper: Leaders Who Ask:  Building a Fearless Culture by telling less and asking more


Leaders Who Ask connect deeply, build engagement, and transform results. They create a culture where people engage in meaningful ways with their managers and each other, and take responsibility for the things that really matter.

Leaders Who Ask Quick Question Menu


Ready to become a Leader Who Asks? Here are some questions you can use to get started.

‘Leaders Who Ask: Building Fearless Cultures by telling less and asking more’ Sample Chapters


Keen to start reading before you copy arrives? Or try before you buy? Here are the first three chapters of ‘Leaders Who Ask’ in PDF form.

White Paper: Growing Leaders: Leadership development done differently


Effective leadership is critical for an organisation’s success. Growing leaders is too important to outsource; the best leaders develop leadership in others, on the job.