90 people across 80 locations for 25 minutes ‘really liked the Corrinne part’. She connected to what people were thinking and not talking about, leaving them feeling uplifted. With her contagious energy and messages pitched to all levels, we were delighted with the level of engagement achieved through an online keynote.

Julian Edwards
Director Partnerships, Planning & Engagement – City of Whittlesea

Corrinne’s presentation was engaging, practical, pitched well and highly appropriate for a group of both experienced and newly appointed senior leaders. It was right on the mark for a dinnertime presentation and everyone left with something they could apply in their day to day work, and a desire to better understand the barriers to successful people leadership.

Assoc. Prof. Michael Stephenson
Executive Director Clinical Operations – Ambulance Victoria

Corrinne’s level of connection with the audience was instantaneous. She was able to hit the right chord quickly. 90 leaders from across the David Jones business were engaged in understanding their own ‘leadership derailers’ and took away strategies to improve their leadership.

Aaron Faraguna
Group General Manager Retail Operations – David Jones

Corrinne is a skilled corporate communicator who delivers with genuine passion and high energy, resulting in a very memorable presentation. She challenges the audience to step back, reflect and question their daily roles, interactions and relationships, ensuring that every attendee gains key takeaways. The feedback was exceptional – a stand out presenter on the conference agenda and strongly recommend her as a keynote speaker.

Richard McBride
Group Producer – CFO Series Australian & New Zealand

Fearless Leadership pulled us out of operations and gave us the imperative to stop adrenaline fueled doing. We have developed team awareness and a shared understanding of what Fearless Leadership means for us as an executive team. I have greater confidence in the traits I have, and the knowledge of what I need to work on next.

Fiona Weigall
General Manager Assets & Environment – East Gippsland Shire Council

Corinne has a very complete understanding of her method and how it can serve to strengthen leadership in individuals and teams. Her mastery of the Fearless Leadership model allows her to be flexible in approach but absolutely committed to the outcome, which as a client was so refreshing and satisfying.

Angelo Saridis
General Manager Business Transformation – Gippsland Water

The day brought people together, established a shared understanding and developed clarity about what we are here to achieve. As a new leader to the team, it helped me understand the wider team dynamic. We have commenced and maintained (6 months later – despite working remotely through COVID) team initiatives on the back of this, including a monthly team learning session. People are now enjoying the team dynamic and the way we work together.

Toni Wilson
Director Brand and Communications – Pitcher Partners

Our leaders have gained new insights into their capacity to better engage their people by reflecting on their behaviours, feelings and responses within the Leaders Who Ask coaching framework. Empowering our leaders to help others develop and take ownership and accountability will expand our collective potential to achieve our Strategic Plan objectives, underpinned by a culture of inspired leadership.

Jeff Pentney
Director People and Culture – TAFE Gippsland

Corrinne didn’t just bring a formula that was laid over our business – she took the time to understand our business, us, our context, and what we wanted to achieve. It felt like she was part of the team before we even began… Even though she was foreign to most of the group, when she introduced herself, people felt immediately comfortable because they thought ‘she gets us’. Corrinne has seemingly intuitive style of working with teams. Tuning into what’s been said and where the team is at, she is able to amend a plan mid-stream to both people energised and optimise outcomes. The team is re-energised, focused and ready to achieve our goals.

Damien Afxentis
Project Director – Metropolitan Projects Western VicRoads

It’s a credit to Corrinne that her facilitation role was not noticeable, and yet the framework and trust she established enabled the board to identify, explore and address the critical issues. Virtual delivery had no detrimental impact on the capacity or willingness of directors to participate, or for the group to operate inclusively. Directors commented on how engaging and effective the two workshops were. The outcomes we wanted were achieved.

Meriel O’Sullivan
Board Chair, ACCS

‘Leaders Who Ask’ for the leaders gave them coaching skills and the confidence to ask questions that open conversation with their team members. ‘Fearless Conversations’ supported team members asking for and receiving feedback.

Austin Sellyn
Executive Director Human Resources – Boutique Investment Firm

Thank you for the enlightening and challenging workshops. I have had many light bulb moments, and many more re-learnings. You are engaging and animated which makes it easy to listen and learn.

Belinda Panagiotopoulos
Coordinator Commissioning – Gippsland Primary Health Network

The Motivational Map gave us a platform to explore better ways of working together. It answered niggling questions about how each of us are motivated and how that might shift peoples’ responsiveness. We walked away with a great sense of belonging.

Kylie Porter
Executive Director – UN Global Impact

Corrinne is a powerful coach. Just my first coaching session with her had more impact than six sessions with the last coach I worked with.

Executive Director of Nursing – Metropolitan Hospital

Last night my wife said ‘Tell Corrinne that our personal relationship has blossomed since you started coaching’.

CFO – Construction Company

I often reflect on how much value I got out of my coaching sessions with you, and remind myself of the great insights I got and the new leadership approaches I learned. Like most people, I slip backwards sometimes, but feel like I’ve got a good toolkit these day, based on our sessions.

Marika Harvey
General Manager, Public Transport Operations – Victorian Department of Transport

Corrinne’s coaching has helped me to lead my team with greater fearlessness and authenticity. It has taught me that having the right, open conversations with my team, even on seemingly difficult topics, can really build trust and strengthen relationships. Being able to face into critical conversations with Corrinne’s guidance has enabled to me to make positive shifts and still be my authentic self, which is something I really value.

Dorothy Grouios
General Manager – Dulux Retail