Engaging Training that gets results

Corrinne takes leaders, teams and organisations on a journey of awareness and understanding. Her Leadership development workshops travel outside the comfort zone and into the learning zone and are not for those who want to sit comfortably and absorb theory.

Executives who engage her are often surprised at how quickly Corrinne develops a high level of trust and engagement with the group, resulting in open discussion and high levels of personal disclosure.

Don’t be fooled by her warmth and empathy—working with Corrinne is not taking the easy way out. Her high concern for people is balanced with a strong results focus. She will empower and skill your people to tackle the hard issues and make the change needed.

Corrinne will work with you to get clear on the objectives of your program, and then ensure this is delivered so your organisation can achieve the required results. Two of Corrinne’s special skills are:

  1. Her willingness to pivot in the moment, based on the needs of the group.
  2. Her ability to engage everyone in the room. Feedback like this is typical: “I didn’t want to come today. I have done lots of training and none of it changes anything back in the workplace…. Today was different because Corrinne has experience and she knows stuff. She is real and her style is engaging with a mix of activities. Everyone stayed focused and energised, and I got out of it, and realised that I tell too often. I can see how asking more can build ownership and engagement and I have things I will do differently tomorrow.”

The decision on whether to conduct training face to face, virtually, or a mix of both will depend on a number of factors including desired outcomes, group size, location, budget, and most importantly the balance between building competency and building relationships. While the content remains true, Corrinne’s online programs are structured to suit a remote learning environment, ensuring engagement and interaction throughout. She has the technology – and the capability – to produce dynamic online events that stimulate, challenge and inspire, ultimately triggering change.

While Corrinne’s preference is to work with groups face to face, that’s not always possible, and much of her training can be presented virtually. While the content remains true, her online programs are structured to suit a remote learning environment, ensuring engagement and interaction throughout. She has the technology – and the capability – to produce dynamic webcasts that stimulate, challenge and inspire, ultimately triggering change. Talk to her about your needs.

Our Training Programs


Fearless Leadership

One team leadership team – aligned and Fearless.

Create the conditions for organisational success by leveraging the professional expertise and combined wisdom of your senior leadership team.

The challenges facing leadership teams today are complex, broad reaching and rapidly changing.  It’s an environment where Fearless Leadership provides an essential competitive edge.


Leaders Who Ask

Connect deeply. Build engagement. Transform results.

Is your culture

  • Led by leaders with excellent technical skill and gaps in their people leadership?
  • Experiencing high absenteeism and/or turnover?
  • Suffering from simmering problems that the leader is unskilled to surface and resolve?
  • Missing KPIs and lacking in accountability?
  • Almost where you want it, and needing greater energy and connection?

Add coaching skills and questioning techniques to your leaders’ toolkits, so they have the important conversations that ensures the right work gets done.

The Team Motivational Map

Fast track team hindsight

Is your team channeling their energy into business objectives? Or are they distracted by figuring out how to work with one another?

When we work with someone for years, we build an understanding of what motivates them. Imagine if that insight could be gained over a short period of time, and you could operate effectively together from now.


Growing Leaders

Understand the 12 leadership derailers to take the guesswork out of developing others

Developing star performers is easy – get out of their way and let them shine. Developing leaders to move past leadership derailers can be much more challenging. 

This Master Class is based on Corrinne’s book ‘Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders’ 


Fearless Bites

Bite sized learning for your organisation

You need your people engaged and focussing on getting the right work done, not loosing energy through unresourceful responses global and local challenges, including operating in a hybrid world.

Fearless Bites will shift the energy of your people, boosting self-awareness, offering new ways to consider their current challenges, and leaving them feeling connected and invested in.