Corrinne takes leaders and teams on a journey of awareness and understanding. Her workshops travel outside the comfort zone and into the learning zone and are not for those who want to sit comfortably and absorb theory.

Executives who engage her are often surprised at how quickly Corrinne develops a high level of trust and engagement with the group, resulting in open discussion and high levels of personal disclosure.

Don’t be fooled by her warmth and empathy—working with Corrinne is not taking the easy way out. Her high concern for people is balanced with a strong results focus. She will empower the team to tackle the hard issues and ensure they have the skills to do that.

Corrinne will work with you to get clear on the objectives of your program, design the agenda, facilitate the workshop, graphically record the discussion and outcomes, and provide an accountability framework to ensure follow-up action is taken.

Corrinne facilitated a team workshop for a newly formed team. I was really pleased with the outcomes that were achieved. Corrinne was quickly able to get the team opening up, acknowledging that they had not been working well together to this point, and agree on a plan of action. Participants provided very positive feedback on the workshop and on Corrinne’s style – even those who initially thought a team day would be a waste of time.

Agata Jarbin

Company Secretary & General Counsel, State Trustees

Corrinne ran a one-day leadership intensive for a group 15 women theatre directors. Her capacity to frame her business leadership knowledge to suit a room of artists was very impressive. She delivered a workshop that felt bespoke to the group’s needs. She’s a fantastic motivational speaker, keeping you focused with plenty of practical activities, insights and a couple of good jokes too! She leaves you buzzing with energy, armed and ready to take on the world

Leticia Caceres

Associate Director, Melbourne Theatre Company

Leaders Who Ask

Connect deeply. Lead fearlessly. Transform results.


Are you or your leaders:
  • Operating in ‘expert’ mode and solving all the problems personally, rather than empowering the team?
  • Lacking the ability or confidence to have crucial performance conversations?
  • Missing opportunities to develop the people on the job?
  • Struggling to engage teams?

Trying to ‘control’ people and situations and so working harder than necessary?

Fearless Leadership

Create the conditions for organisational success by leveraging the professional expertise and combined wisdom of your leadership.

One team leadership team – aligned and Fearless.

The challenges facing leadership teams today are complex, broad reaching and rapidly changing.  It’s an environment where Fearless Leadership provides an essential competitive edge.

Leading Change that Sticks

Up to 70% of organisational change initiatives fail (The Ken Blanchard Companies 2010). That’s a big cost you want to avoid.

Are you facing any or all of these challenges?

  • There is so much change, both in your organisation and the external environment?
  • Your people are becoming change fatigued?
  • Your people are resisting the change, threatening the planned business benefits?
  • Your leaders aren’t skilled to lead change and bring their teams along on the journey?
  • You are worried this change might be one of the 70% that fail, and want to ensure that doesn’t happen?

Developing Direct Reports

Take the guesswork out of leading leaders.

What could be achieved when your leaders are connected to their potential?

  • Are your leaders avoiding the critical performance conversations they need to have?
  • Do you want to improve your employee engagement scores with a targeted approach to developing performance?
  • Does your organisation have lots of information about the culture but no pathway for change or transformation?