Dynamic. Energetic. Infectious.

Corrinne is an entertaining, provocative and inspiring Keynote Speaker. Known for bringing leadership to life, she leaves her audience with actionable insights to apply to their careers, teams and organisations.

Informed and inspiring. Corrinne and her team were great to work with during the lead-up to the event, creatively offering suggestions to improve our client experience overall. We were delighted to offer copies of her book to all our attendees.  Bravo, Corrinne!

Kristy Duncan

CEO, Women in Payments

Wow what a power pack! One of the most energetic presenters I have ever seen.

Lynda Smith

South West Primary Care Partnership

Corrinne’s level of connection with the audience was instantaneous. She was able to hit the right chord very quickly. Everyone was engaged in understanding their own ‘leadership derailers’ and

took away strategies to improve their own leadership and leadership within direct reports.

Aaron Faraguna

Group General Manager - Retail Operations, David Jones

4 keynotes to change your thinking…

1. Fearless Leadership: 12 ways to derail your leadership fast

Key messages: Leadership, Performance, Engagement, Influence

As leaders, we all act with the best intentions. But what happens when our inside intentions are not reflected to others by our external behavior? It’s harder to influence upwards, our teams don’t respond well, our career can stall… We can be derailed very fast!

Consider the leader whose intention is to support his team and maintain a high standard, and yet is seen by his line manager and his team as a micromanager. Performance suffers. Derailed!

Co-author of ‘Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders’, Corrinne shares immediately actionable insights to reach your leadership potential.

In this keynote Corrinne will show your people how to:

  • Recognise the 12 common leadership derailers
  • Understand which derailer most limits their own leadership, and how to avoid being derailed
  • Create improved relationships and build greater influence
  • Accelerate their career by architecting their impact
  • Lead stronger performance

2. Zero Waste: Releasing the latent potential in your career, your team and your organisation.

Key messages: Performance, Leadership, Productivity, Culture

The world is more complex than ever before. We are facing some of the biggest issues in engaging people, maximising resources, and responding to disruption of current business models that we’ve ever faced.

Corrinne believes we already have what we need to meet the challenge of doing more with less. The answer lies in wasted potential…

This keynote will:

  • Invite you to build cultures that support success
  • Connect you with what’s important
  • Disturb your sense of the problem and the solution
  • Shift issues that block innovation
  • Release the latent potential in your career, your team and your organisation

3. Leading Change that Sticks: Build flexibility to successfully navigate change

Key Messages: Change, Disruption, Resilience, Leadership

We are on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution, bringing with it unprecedented change and complexity. How will you respond? With up to 70% of organisational change initiatives failing, what will be your edge? Understanding change at the below conscious level is the little known key to success.

Change generates uncertainty. Uncertainty generates a threat response in the brain. Things can go rapidly downhill from there, as focus shifts from organisational purpose and towards personal survival!

When you know your own change profile, you can be resilient in the face of change, and lead others through change.

A popular keynote for organisations and industries facing change, this presentation can be tailored to those leading or receiving the change.

People who attend this keynote will:

  • Learn what brain science tells about why change is hard!
  • Diagnose their own below conscious relationship to change
  • Build resilience in the face of change
  • Communicate change with greater confident, flexibility and impact
  • Lead change that sticks

4. Leadership Lessons from the Jungle: What I learned about leadership living on the edge of a war zone

Key Messages: Leadership, Resilience, Lifestyle, Inspiration

There are times we all feel like we are living in a jungle… But what if you really were?

Corrinne has held leadership roles and she’s well versed in leadership theory. Yet some of her strongest learning (and greatest stories) has come from living and working in a jungle refugee camp on the edge of a war zone.

In this keynote she shares what she’s learnt with honesty, humour, and some tense stories. This keynote is a different approach to leadership, and will have you thinking about what’s important to you and how you can achieve that.

This keynote will:

  • Shift the energy and expand the thinking
  • Inspire reflection and a fresh way of thinking
  • Challenge the notion of what’s possible and what’s impossible
  • Provide clarity on what’s important
  • Develop resilience