There are many currencies we trade in – money, love, recognition of others – to name a few. One of the currencies we most need to be aware of as leaders is energy.

The ideal I hold for my clients is that they are just as energised on Friday night as they were at the start of the week, as their work gives them energy – it doesn’t drain it.

Where are you losing energy? Here are a few examples I regularly see with my clients.

  1. Tension within the leadership team that leads to extra work and a@*# covering. A lack of trust means strategies and counter-strategies need to be developed, all taking up head space. How about a few open and honest conversations to surface and address issues?
  2. Doing work that doesn’t suit you. When you do work you love, energy flows. And when it’s work that doesn’t motivate you, it’s tough and takes professional discipline to keep you going. If you spend Sunday evening psyching yourself into work on Monday, perhaps it’s time for a change in role?
  3. Fighting the workplace culture. Going to work and ‘pretending’ to be someone else takes energy. Be yourself. And if you really don’t feel that you can, find a culture that does suit you.
  4. Simple things become hard work. Simple tasks become IT challenges – can’t access what you need on your desktop, so you use your phone… Emails don’t display on your phone, so you can only handle certain things at your desk rather than in the gaps during the day. Stop complaining (and leaking energy) – take the time to get it fixed.
  5. Missing the things that boost your mojo. This might be missing your morning gym class, not taking the time out to play with your toddler, being too busy to say ‘yes’ to a glass of wine with a friend after work. Sure you might ‘gain’ an hour more work time, but what’s the energy cost. Prioritise the things that boost your energy and well-being.

Which leak costs you the most energy? For me it’s number 5 – when I get busy I don’t go to the gym, and then I pay the energetic price.

Do an energy audit today, and make a plan to stop the gaps.

Go fearlessly


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