Something a bit different today… 5 random ideas to jolt your thinking and lift up your leadership.

1) What could you update? 

I read this on an office supplies website recently:

What could you retire to become more effective?

2) What are you (mis)reading?

In a traffic jam recently… Lots of time to reflect on the person in front driving the bush ready 4×4 with bumper a sticker ‘I support the right to bear arms’. After a while I realised that the picture was a cute bear… Then realised the bumper sticker actually said ‘I support the right to arm bears’!

Where might you be reading something that’s not really there?

3) How are you strengthening your team?

The magpie lark builds a strong next from mud fortified by sticks and fur. The bird vibrates the mud as it dries, helping the mud cling to the materials and making the nest stronger.

How could some additional vibration strengthen your team?

4) What are you focusing on?

The global board of Bosch measures one thing – an invention every 90 minutes.

How could a concentrated focus achieve your mission? 

5) What choices are you making?

In The Chamber of Secrets, Professor Dumbledore says to Harry Potter, ‘It’s not our abilities which show who we truly are. It’s our choices.’

How are the choices you making today defining the type of leader you truly are?

Have an Extraordinary day

PS You used to be that way, didn’t you? How is life different now that you have changed?


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