Welcome to the second episode of the video series ‘7 Questions to Ask When You Want to Tell!’ (For 7 weeks you will receive an episode of this series instead of the usual written eNews.)

This question is THE question that tells your people you see them, value them, and have trust in their expertise. 

Enjoy trying it out! And if you find it useful, please share it.


Go Fearlessly – Corrinne

PS If you are interested in the content, but don’t like watching video, here’s the transcript of what I say:

So don’t waste your time. And don’t waste your people’s time. Like, they’re smart, right? You think they haven’t already thought about the challenges that they’re bringing to you? This question. I reckon, is of the best questions to help people really feel seen and heard.

Okay, so you’re driving from one place to the next and you get a phone call and it’s Alex, one of your smarter project managers says, “Hey, got a problem here. There’s going to be a delay on the gig.com. I don’t think it’s going to be ready by the deadline. What should I do? What should I do?”

Now, that last question, the last bit that was the main thing, right? “What should I do?” Do you reckon, Alex hasn’t already thought this through? You know, he’s smart, he’s motivated. He really wants to make his mark. He would have already given this some thought. So before you jump in and share your fabulous wisdom. You know, fabulous wisdom, that’s quite likely some of the things he’s already tried… Then ask, “So what have you tried so far?”

Get why that’s questions important, right? Because he’s already done some good work. But what’s the most important thing with that? Shh. Just ask the question and then just hold the space for him to respond. He’ll feel heard, and you’ll get much greater context and understanding both of the situation, but also of where Alex is at and what kind of support he needs. And even if you do decide then to give advice, you’re giving it with a much better backdrop of knowledge.

So this was the first question of the seven questions that you can ask when you really want to tell. And my bet is you’ll get a chance to try this out today or tomorrow. So try it out, see how you go.

The next question will land in a week’s time. So look out for it or DM me and we’ll send it straight to you. Go fearlessly.


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