Short-term thinking is a key driver of wasted human potential, and yet short-term thinking prevails across our political, social and commercial realms.

Here’s an example of taking the long view that might blow your mind…

Right now, inside a hollowed out mountain near Van Horn, in Western Texas, the Long Now Foundation is building a clock is to last for 10,000 years. That’s almost 5 times the time that has elapsed since the birth of Jesus Christ.

This clock is roughly 200 feet tall, built of marine grade stainless steel, and will be powered by energy harvested from the sun and human visitors.

You might be wondering why… The 10,000 year clock is being built in response to frustrations about the shrinking time frames considered by our social and political leaders. The clock is intended to stimulate discussion on long-term thinking.

A clock that ticks once a year, whose century hand advances once every 100 years, and whose cuckoo comes out on the millennium expands our sense of time. The 10,000 year clock invites us to extend our focus from the short now of next week, next performance review, next earning statement, to the ‘long now’ of centuries.

Long-term thinking takes clarity, confidence and courage, especially in a society that lives and breathes the credos ‘a fast game is a good game’.

Perhaps your long view isn’t quite the 10,000 years of clock functioning. What is your long view? Join the conversation here.

To step up to Fearless Leadership, consider the long view in decision-making.

Have an Extraordinary day.


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