Fostering leadership in others is a key role of a leader. Conducting this quick audit will help you to tailor your leadership development efforts for maximum success.

Their mindset

  1. Are they committed to change? For change to occur, it is fundamental that a decision or commitment to change is made.
  2. Are they ready to take action? All change starts with awareness but knowing is not doing. The key is moving from insight to action.
  3. Are they open to new ideas and approaches? To develop new leadership capabilities, they must be open to new ideas and approaches.
  4. Are they willing to solicit and receive feedback? Successful behaviour change requires a cycle of continued feedback to refine and improve performance.
  5. What is their self-identity? People can believe ‘this is just the way I am. I can’t change’, mistakenly making their behaviours part of their fixed identity. A conversation about the ‘changeable brain’ can help them to understand and believe that change is possible for them.

Your mindset

  1. What is your Mindset? Your leadership style, beliefs and mindset can influence the success of your people’s leadership growth. See Ten key principles for developing leadership in others.

The environment

  1. How will the team or organisational culture impact change efforts? Organisational culture is a powerful influence on leadership style. This includes both the formal organisational culture and the informal culture that shapes the organisational dynamic. For example, it’s challenging to develop innovation in a leader operating within a risk adverse culture.
  1. What is the external environment? External environmental context – sector, the broader community and economy – is also relevant. For example, if you are inspiring the development of collaboration within a highly competitive and declining market sector, awareness of the external environmental push back reinforcing competition over collaboration will be helpful.


What additional understanding do you have now? How will you use that to support leadership development in your people?


Have an extraordinary day


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