Recently I had a day that left me feeling like a deconstructed dessert – pulled apart, each component examined for what it contributes, and laid out bare. The only difference between me and this beautiful deconstructed dessert was that it looks elegant!

On this particular Monday, I had two hours with my speaking coach, refining a keynote I am working on. Inspiring… And exhausting because it was parts of my life story we were focused on…

Then I had a session with my mentor coach* who had listened to a recording of me coaching, and then provided minute by minute feedback. Amazing insights… Beautiful distinctions… Exhausting because it was the foundations of my professional skills we were focused on…

And if that wasn’t enough, I then had an hour with my sales coach. Exciting as there’s so much opportunity… Exhausting because there is lots to do…

Deconstructed and naked was how I felt by the end of the day! Deconstructed so I could reconstruct for new and even greater results. (Did I mention I was exhausted?)

Sometimes as leaders we need to allow ourselves to be pulled apart to really understand the skills that we have. And then we can put ourselves back together in new ways. Awareness creates choice. Distinctions provide the opportunity for refinement. Willingness to be vulnerable creates the potential for greater impact. While it is exhausting, it’s energy well invested!

Where might deconstruction (and maybe a little nakedness) help you?  Who can you call on to provide you with feedback and insight? Are you brave enough to allow it to happen? What will give you the courage you need?

Go Fearlessly.

* I always call on experts to help me – not usually three at once and never on the same day! Mentor coaching is the last phase of the International Coaching Federation’s Master Certified Coach, the highest level of ICF accreditation which few people achieve.

PS Thank you to these three wonderful people who challenge me to be a better version of myself, both personally and professionally:

Zara Swindells-Gross who lovingly and with humor helps me articulate my ideas on stage.

Sam Patterson who as my Mentor Coach is supporting me through the final requirement to qualify for International Coaching Federation’s Master Certified Coach. (There are around 20 coaches certified to this level in Australia, so the standard is high.).

Rachel Bourke who challenges me to think and be more deliberate about who I want to work with and bring more of me into my work.


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