At Christmas my thoughts turn to what the people around me might want and need for Christmas, as well as what surprises I could arrange… Here are the seven things I wish for you this Christmas.

  1. Confidence and courage to speak out for what’s right. It’s not easy to apply the ‘front of the daily paper test’, to go against the culture and call out poor practices or bad behavior. Confidence in your own ability helps, and courage is essential.
  1. Vulnerability to ask for help. Life is too short (and sometimes often too complex!) to do it all ourselves. We make our own life easier, and empower those around us, when we ask for help.
  1. Colleagues who have your back. You can’t be everywhere, see everything, and know everything. Having peers to support you means you can relax, knowing most things will be identified.
  1. A support crew. People who help to smooth out the bumps in your daily life. Your crew could include your partner, a colleague, your cleaner, a neighbor who drops the kids at school when you are stuck….
  1. Someone who cares enough about you to be uncomfortable. A mentor who will let you know when you are not being the best version of you possible, and who doesn’t let you off the hook. A peer who will give you challenging feedback in a way that you can hear it.
  1. A safe space to explore ideas. Not all your ideas will be good ones… Often the first, second, and even further ideas need more work. Everyone needs a place to play with ideas to create something new or improve what’s there.
  1. A sense of humour. In those times when things go downhill fast, laughing helps keep perspective, maintain resilience and continue moving forward.

Happy Christmas. May you wake up on Christmas morning with all this and more in your stocking, as well as the good health to enjoy it and a grateful heart with which to accept it.

Go Merrily and Fearlessly!


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