Fearless Leadership occurs at the intersection of Purpose, Motivation, and Communication, and when we have trust.

When I work with leadership teams, it is very common to find they lack a clear and agreed team purpose. They are usually clear on their own personal purpose and agreed on the overarching purpose of the organisation. It’s the middle level of purpose that is cloudy.

Are we here to lobby for the interests of our people? Is our role to bring subject matter expertise and represent a view point based on the part of the organisation we know best? Are we here to collectively lead the organisation? Or something else?

An aligned purpose is powerful. How can we track progress if we lack clarity on why we are here? How do we develop an agreement on expected behaviours and shared communication protocols? What’s the framework for agreeing on priorities?

Here are some examples of team purpose developed by different leadership teams in recent Fearless Leadership programs. You can see the personality of the teams, and in some cases the purpose of the organisation, reflected in the purposes. (You can also see one of the fabulous venues I work from in one of the work-in-progress pictures!)

How much more aligned and powerful could you team be with a clear and shared leadership team purpose?

Go Fearlessly


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