What’s your idea of the ‘perfect team’? Do you have that now?

Recently I was working with an executive team – the second workshop of a 12-month Fearless Leadership® program. The energy in the room was great, and there had been a shift over the 8 weeks since the opening retreat.  Already there was a higher level of trust, vulnerability, and more challenges of themselves and each other. Plus more laughter!

We began the day with a check in about what had shifted since we were last together. One leader said ‘I had to rethink the expectations I had of a perfect team, and this freed me up to work well in this team’.  Such an insightful comment.

So often in relationships, whether it is with individuals – colleagues, partners, family members – or a team, our attention is drawn to where other party doesn’t stack up to our (possibly impossible) ideal. With such tough measures, typically frustration and disappointment is the result.

That perfection is possible is an illusion that permeates many areas of our lives. Let your ideal go. Instead, be open to the beauty and possibility of what’s already there.

Go Fearlessly


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