Last week at Thought Leaders Business School I was privileged to hear Alisa Camplin speak. Alisa became Australia’s first female Winter Olympic gold medalist, after an amazing triple twisting double somersault at the 2002 Winter Olympics. This win was achieved six weeks after breaking both her ankles, so that gives you an indication of her inspiring grit, determination, and amazing mental attitude!

Her talk had the highs and lows of any great story, and left me inspired and challenged to be a better version of myself. Here are the three (and it was hard to choose just three) key messages that resonated for me.

1) You can’t be good at something you aren’t passionate about

To achieve success you need to ‘want’ to do it and ‘need’ to do it. Being passionate provides the motivation to do what it takes.

2) It’s not luck. It’s all the little systems and processes along the way that make the difference

‘A vision without a plan is just a wish!’ Alisa showed us her ‘Goal planner’ – a triangular model of Emotional, Physical and Mental. She set her goal of being an Olympic skier before she even learned to ski, and then set up the systems and processes (along with the work or course) to get herself there.

3) It’s what you do when no-one is watching that counts

Alisa talked about the ‘bloody hard years when no one was watching or listening’, and the importance of staying focused, following your plan and keeping motivated through those times. Of course this left me wondering, am I working hard enough when no one else is watching?

I can’t imagine being an Olympic gold medalist. I can imagine taking some of Alisa’s insights and applying them in my world.


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