Meet Bart, my magnificent (and very big) Clydesdale/Warmblood cross. Bart’s recent encounter with seemingly innocuous farm equipment got me thinking about perspective.

Horses have a remarkable quirk – they perceive the world differently through each eye. Bart confidently walks past a piece of farm equipment when it’s on his right side. Yet, on his return, with the same equipment now on his left side, it transforms into a scary thing… And he jumps!

It’s a simple reminder that our perspectives alter our perceptions. What appears harmless from one angle might evoke trepidation from another. Equally, something that intimidates us today might be inconsequential when observed from an alternate vantage point. As leaders, our challenge lies in recognizing these blind spots, because just like Bart, we too can misjudge a situation based on a singular viewpoint.

This is where the power of perspective-taking comes into play, and these steps may help you:

1. Pause and Pivot: When faced with a challenge, pause and pivot mentally. Imagine viewing the situation from different angles. What nuances or alternative solutions might emerge?

2. Seek Diverse Inputs: Surround yourself with a diverse team and encourage fearless conversations. Ask open questions and listen to the responses.

3. Flip the Lens: Challenge your assumptions by intentionally looking at the issue from opposing viewpoints.

4. Reflection and Growth: After resolving a challenge, reflect on the process. How did multiple perspectives contribute to the solution? Incorporate these insights into your leadership approach.

My daughter Jessi unkindly says that ‘not much happens between Bart’s ears’! She might be right, but that doesn’t stop him from inspiring leadership thinking!

By embracing the wisdom of Bart’s dual perspective, we can navigate leadership challenges with a more comprehensive view.

Go Fearlessly


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