What do you mean, you tried it once and it didn’t work?

Why should it work the first time for you when others have worked for weeks, months, years and even decades just to refine their skills and make it look easy?

We seem comfortable to accept that learning ‘technical’ skills takes some time, and we don’t expect perfection in the first instance. Taking on a new programming language, learning how to ride a horse, picking up a new strategy-based board game… These take time to master, and we are mostly okay with that.

So why do we expect immediate perfection when we learn new ‘soft’ skills or bring new tools into our leadership tool kit?

Try it out and learn from what worked and what didn’t. Implement something small first. Play lightly. Go easy on yourself.

Where are you being too hard on yourself, and seeking perfection when just being part of the game would be a good first start?

Go Fearlessly


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