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Have you ever noticed how other people’s problems are ALWAYS easier to solve than our own??? This question draws on that with a sprinkle of magic – a little brain trickery!

Welcome to the fourth episode of the video series ‘7 Questions to Ask When You Want to Tell!’

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Ep4 Q3 - Featured Image

Go Fearlessly – Corrinne

PS If you are interested in the content, but don’t like watching video, here’s the transcript of what I say:

I love a little bit of magic. Like a little bit of brain trickery. Trickery in the nicest possible way. Let’s be clear, because that’s what today’s question is.

So let’s do a recap. I’m producing this video series, The Seven Questions for You to Ask When You Really Want to Tell so that I can help you avoid the advice trap. We end up giving advice, advice, advice, advice, advice disempowering our people and meaning that we are the ones that have to be in the center with the answers.

We don’t want that and our people certainly don’t want that. So today’s question, I guess it’s a little bit of magic and it works because it creates a perspective shift were shifting the perspective of ownership was shifting it from being their problem for a moment that they’re stuck in that they can’t resolve to being our problem that they can like.

Have you ever noticed that other people’s problems are so much easier to answer than our own? Like, I’m sure you’ve had that experience. So when someone comes in like, Oh, I need some help. Please, I need some help. I’ve got real challenges with our case stakeholder, and I don’t know what to do. What do you think I should do?

How should I handle it? So before you jump in, let’s replay the question. Okay, so supposing that you come to me and you’re explaining to me that you’ve got problems with a stakeholder, so I’ve got problems with a stakeholder. What do you think I should do? This is where the magic happens. Oh, okay. So that’s easy. If it was your problem, then I think what you should do is this.

And this and this and that point. Usually this, that laughter and. Oh, okay, maybe I should just do that because we’ve shifted the perspective. It’s not their problem anymore. It’s ours. And they’ve got new insights in how to handle it. And even without the magic wand ta-da! This question really does work. So one little tip so that you avoid sounding patronizing.

You need to believe in it. You need to believe in this question after you’ve used it once or twice. Pretty sure you have that belief. So look out for next week’s video. Play with this week’s question. And if there are leaders in your life that need a little bit of magic, then send them the link. Farewell!


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