Fearless Leadership® is not the absence of fear, it’s noticing the fear and using it as data. Noticing what you are afraid of and why…  Noticing how you feel… Observing the behaviour of others and checking in on how they feel.

In the age of COVID-19 there’s a lot of fear…  Fear for ourselves and our loved ones… Fear for our organisations, our jobs… Fear for our economy, our financial security… Fear for our community and beyond…

Three ways to access Fearless Leadership are:

Courage. You are here. You have a voice. You have ability to elevate others. As Susan Jeffers says in the title of her wonderful book, ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway’. Use the data you gather from your fear to make bold decisions and take brave action. A courageous action may be large, or it might be as simple – and impactful – as role modeling calm for others.

Curiosity. Curiosity is the antidote for judgement, and judgement creates barriers between us, especially in times of stress. If you notice someone behaving in ‘odd’ ways – ways that you wouldn’t – rather than judging, get curious… What’s driving their behaviour? And what about their behaviour is triggering you? Get curious about the various ways you could respond. How could you provide a positive balancing influence?

Compassion. Show compassion for yourself and compassion for others. How are you responding to people in your workplace – whether real or virtual – who may be behaving in challenging ways in response to Coronavirus? How are you treating people in the supermarket who are dealing with stressed shoppers all day? What compassion are you showing towards yourself as you continue to show leadership?

Fearless leadership – we need it now more than ever.

Go Fearlessly

PS – Fearless Leadership can come from anyone at any level. Lead fearlessly upwards and across, not only downwards. The leaders above you need courage, curiousity and compassion shown towards them as well!


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