‘Why did you set your alarm this morning?’ That was the question the aerobics instructor asked the crowd at 6:15am. Were we there to tick the ‘exercise’ box? Or were we there to really make a difference to our health and wellbeing?

Good question! I upped my pace as I was definitely there to make a difference to my health and fitness after Christmas and four weeks of holiday! Her question was a good reminder.

How about you? Why are you here in the workplace today?

Are you ticking the ‘work’ box? Or are you really here to make a difference? Are you ready to up the pace and be the best version of you possible? As a leader, are you here to fill the role? Or are you here to unleash the best in the people around you?

Why did you set your alarm today? What decisions could you make right now to be a fearless leader?

Go fearlessly


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