My husband and I are planning a major renovation and we need to move out for 8 to 10 months. One of the first steps is a clean out of our garage. Actually it’s a really a very large shed in our backyard. And because it’s so big, we never need to be careful about what we keep. Everything fits – boxes, bags on hooks, baskets on shelves, stuff on the floor. Pulling everything out and sorting through what we really need and what we should never have kept is a big task.

“Would we be willing to pay storage for this thing?” is the filter we are currently applying to everything!  I might think I need this box of old notebooks, but would I be willing to pay storage since that’s what we will need to do while we renovate? Makes the decision to toss things easier.

This is also a useful way to think about the thoughts and beliefs we gather over the years…. We chuck stuff in the shed in our mind because we think we can, because we there’s space… But what if there wasn’t?

What if you needed to pay for storage for each of those beliefs? Which ones would you keep? Which ones would you put out on the next street for somebody else to take home? And which ones really just need to be thrown out into the garbage?

Perhaps it’s time to do some belief renovation work. Our heads (and our hearts) are too valuable to be cluttered up. The beliefs that we’ve outgrown create boundary conditions that we live within, limiting us from reaching our potential.

What could you let go of today to release space and create freedom?

Go fearlessly


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