Jacinta Culibrk

Relationship Manager

Jacinta comes from a history of sales career growth in an Australian corporate organisation. After spending some time leading a team, she is now looking at leadership from a new lens while working alongside Corrinne and enjoying getting back to doing the selling.

if you ask her, she spends more time with kids than with adults. She is a mum to a four year old boy and an aunt to four young children who loves being out and about with – enjoying life and ice cream!

Jacinta is the one to get in touch with if you want to know how Corrinne can make an impact in your business and help you create happy and productive teams and well-supported leaders.

Sheryl Tudtud

Business Manager

A corporate workaholic, Sheryl achieved almost ten years’ experience in Contact Center Operations and Workforce Management before stumbling upon Corrinne’s invitation to play! Sheryl is a mum of 2 precocious kids who seem to have inherited her enthusiasm for traveling and exploring new places. Apart from going on movie dates with her husband, she also enjoys trying out new food – either by making them in the kitchen, or making reservations!

Sheryl ensures the business runs smoothly. She is responsible for  overseeing daily operations, including onboarding new clients, managing Corrinne’s diary and travel, and invoicing – among other things.

Sheryl will send you the start up pack. She will make your life easier by making sure your sessions with Corrinne are scheduled well in advance. You can make Sheryl’s life easier by responding to her emails in a timely way.

Gladys Tribdino

Admin Assistant

A true “Jack of all trades” who worked for world-renowned companies such as The Walt Disney Company, Swarovski and Reuters, Gladys can be your photographer, painter, guitar player, web and graphics designer, computer technician or even film editor. She also got hooked with technology and now considers herself a “tech junkie” while keeping up her “cool” Mum image to her two teenage boys.

Gladys will set up your motivational profiling and produce the reports, as well as receiving your start up documents. She will send you a ‘prep form’ in advance of each session, and make sure Corrinne reads it before she meets with you.

Contact Jacinta

p: 03 9576 8437
m: 0403 214 443

e: hello@corrinnearmour.com

Contact Sheryl

p: 03 9005 7437

e: sheryl@corrinnearmour.com

Contact Gladys

Forms you will need

Complete and return Pre-Coaching Contemplation to Gladys at least 5 working days before your first coaching session
Complete and return least 24 hours before each coaching session