Welcome to Your Next Workshop Venue: Corrinne’s Lardner Workspace


Team development far away from the ordinary and conventional

We welcome you to our tranquil oasis for leadership reflection.

Immerse yourself and your team in the serenity of Corrinne’s Lardner workspace – a captivating location nestled in the heart of West Gippsland. The space offers an abundance of natural light, captivating views and a symphony of birdsong that sets the stage for productive and inspirational gatherings.

Scenic Surroundings

Stress falls away and conversation flows naturally as people gaze out to vast blue skies, green paddocks, blue lake, and blue green gum trees painting the perfect backdrop for your leadership conversations. The occasional harmony of farm activity adds a touch of rustic charm, creating an atmosphere that is both invigorating and grounded.

Warmth and Comfort

On cooler days, gather around the fire – a cozy haven for deep discussions and introspection. Feel the warmth both from the crackling fire and the camaraderie that flourishes in this unique setting. (There’s always marshmallows to toast too!)

Flexible Training Area

Designed for small leadership teams, our training area adapts to your workshop objectives. Whether seated around a table or more casually in a circle, the space is ideal for intimate gatherings of up to 8 participants.

Catering Excellence

Culinary delights are delivered straight from Alimentos Catering, a commercial kitchen at Lardner Park, just 5 minutes away. Of course there’s a range of herbal and black teas, and a coffee maker for those who function better post-caffeine!

Meet Archie, Your Four-Legged Concierge

Archie’s enthusiastic welcome will let me know you have arrived. His watchful eye ensures the smooth delivery of meals and a spotless lunchtime deck (he’s not keen on food waste!). Join him on an easy mid-workshop walk, and be amused by his ability to photobomb your team pic.

Fearless Leadership Unleashed

A day spent focusing on Fearless Leadership is an empowering and reinvigorating experience. In our intimate setting, there’s no room to hide, building connection and ensuring everyone participates. Work hard, play hard—lunch breaks are a perfect opportunity for a friendly game of bocce or croquet on the lawn. (Fair warning – the games can get competitive!) For the more adventurous, kayaking on the water is possible, or a more gentle circuit of the lake in the row boat.

Dress for the Experience

The ‘Lardner Dress Code’ is comfy and casual – good for thinking. Think ‘business casual’ and then dial it down significantly! We encourage you to wear or bring footwear that you can walk in on the farm (and in winter, footwear that can handle a bit of mud), allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds us.


Join us at Corrinne’s Lardner Workspace and Elevate Your Leadership Journey!

Get in touch today to book your Fearless Leadership® workshop and experience the impact of Corrinne’s magic amongst the unique blend of inspiration, nature, and deep connection. We look forward to hosting you and your executive team in our enchanting West Gippsland haven!

Contact Jacinta Culibrk 0403 214 443 or hello@corrinnearmour.com.